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Olive oil – OILYSSA
128 KCAL / 100 G

Oilyssa or oil of Elissa, the queen who founded Carthage in the 8th century BC, symbol of power and knowledge.
We are experts of olive oils. Our objective is to select and PROVIDE the highest quality of Tunisian olive oil worldwide.

Our Values: high quality, perfect service, honesty, flexibility,
responsibility and confidentiality – we make it our responsibility as an international trade operators and associates.
In addition, we do with an efficient team of collaborators offering full service to our clients.

About the Extra virgin Olive oil :


Extra virgin olive oil OILYSSA has made the difference.
The synchronization of aromas provided by the varieties Chemlali and Arbequina, brought up a fine selection with a smooth character and a medium fruity taste.

Extracted from the best fruits of Tunisian olive trees, and bottled in obscure glass format in order to save quality, flavor and aroma: It offers the consumer a product of high quality.


For a healthy diet:

Not only a tasty oil for cooking, it also has nutritional values and numerous benefits for health. It is the only natural oil that can be consumed as such.
Rich in monounsaturated fats: the most beneficial to health compared to all other vegetable oils. Rich in polyphenols, vitamin E, and other antioxidants. People who consume regularly olive oil suffer less from obesity. Although it is fat, and therefore high in calories (9 calories per gram), experience shows that people consuming 60g/day of olive oil live a healthy life and that when eaten as part of a balanced diet, in substitution of more unsuitable fats, olive oil does not generate weight again.

The principal beneficial effects of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

We will continue our efforts to meet new challenges, as we lead an endless race for commitment to excellence.


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